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E-NAM (Electronic National Agriculture Market) is an ideal example of an e-commerce portal in the agricultural marketing of India. Being a present-day farmer, you do understand the importance of the online presence of your business.

This is why e-commerce in agriculture provides an opportunity to smoothly run a distribution of farm production. It’s a new way for farmers to display impressively produced products on one single platform to their buyer. It saves a lot of time and resources of the buyer as it is difficult to compare market prices on an early pace. Hence, for present-day farmers having an online existence is very much important for multiple growths in the farming field.

So, for online presence, effective website design with high-grade execution and easy functionality is required. A well-organized and user-friendly website design is more suitable for your buyers. Buyers will rarely take your website seriously nowadays if they don’t find your website their problem-solving tool. 


The success of your online farming business starts from the way you present it. All those free farm website designs don’t seem a solution to your customized website.

Now you might be in a dilemma to whom to approach, aren’t you?

Well, your search for it is over as ‘DataIT Solutions’ is your one-stop-shop right from hosting, professional design, development, and marketing. With the help of our team of professional designers and developers, your customized website with easy functionality for your buyer can be created. We’re specialized in creating user-friendly, visitor engaging, and unique websites.

The Conclusion 

Interested? Let’s meet up and discuss your ideas to grow your business with our experts.  


Let’s discuss your idea with our experts and get appropriate solutions. We’re here to help you grow your business. Talk to us to see how we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

All our websites are designed and developed from scratch. So, they work well with search engines like Google, Etc.

Yes, third party API integration can be included. But you need to give us a login credential to do API integration in your agriculture website. 

We suggest WordPress for the agriculture website.

Yes, all our website templates are 100% fully optimized for all mobile, desktop and tablet devices. It works with all desktop browsers and mobile platforms including Android and iOS.

Tenure purely depends upon how large, complex, and unique your requirements are. But in case if you have got a deadline, we will try to furnish it as soon as possible.

Since we focus on tailor-made solutions, pricing shall be disclosed based on your customized requirements.

Starting from gathering information, planning, designing a layout, development, testing, delivery, and maintenance you can easily create a unique website for your business.