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Let us understand what Web 2.0 technology is first!!!

In simple words, internet applications, which allow sharing and collaboration opportunities to people and help them to express themselves online is always a great way to create a striking web presence. It is an improved version of the world wide web, distinguished specifically by the change from static to dynamic or user-generated content and also the growth of social media.

An estimated 150,000 new and unique websites are created every 24hours. This range from major corporations encompasses thousands of pages of content or individual websites consisting of only a single or a few pages. The level of features and design varies, from limited function to simplistic, easy to use features to complex algorithms and programming.

As modern internet trends change quickly, so too does website design. Many internet users are now familiar with at least one web-based community (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.) also known as Web 2.0 style website design company which has changed drastically to accommodate the fresh focus on social networking.

Time for some advantages of Web 2.0: 
  • Easily available at any time and any place.
  • Diversity of media.
  • Easily to use.
  • Dynamic learning communities can be created.
  • It is more user-friendly 
  • It can provide real-time discussion.
  • A Cheap way of advertising things by using web 2.0 technologies like web blogs, social networks can reach thousands of people with just a dollar cost. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can easily add online forms on your website. There are majorly two types of forms that can be added to your site. One is a simple PDF form, which is not needed to be encoded. The visitor would download the form from your site and print it out anytime they want. And the second one is an actual online form that permits the visitor to fill out the form online and submit it directly to the website.

At DataIT Solutions, we provide all web-related services like affordable web design, website integration on different platforms, technical expertise, SEO services, logo designing, internet, and digital marketing solutions.

Well, at least 12-14 working days are needed for working on 10-11 pages for an informative website and its development.

Yes, at DataIT Solutions, our team of skilled developers develops websites right from the first stage keeping in mind the search engine guidelines and its impression to attain a successful online presence.