Technology trends are constantly changing due to the high demand for new technologies. Be it entertainment industry or on-demand services, every industry includes technology trends and stay updated too. Of course, full stack development is one of those fields which is changing at an extremely fast pace in this world of digitalization. This is what brings new surprises for full stack developers today.

According to a report by Gartner, the IT industry has seen dramatic growth. It has also forecast growth of 8.3 % in 2019.

As per Statista, trending and global “blockchain technology” is predicted to increase dramatically from the year 2016 to 2021. Undoubtedly, it has become a hot topic in the tech world from the past few years.

The reason behind the growth of each industry depends to a large extent on the innovations introduced in the software development field. There is no static industry which can see such remarkable results and this is the hard labor of full-stack developers that we can see some amazing trends in this industry.

Every passing moment, updates and improvements in the app development technologies, are bringing new trends. The new technologies from PWA to blockchain are getting a bigger market constantly.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some key trends in full-stack software development that need the attention of all businesses. Here is the list:

  • Low-code development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Language Trends
  • IoT

Looking to hire MEAN Stack developers in USA?? It’s a tough selection. Right??

You must be in dilemma thinking about this situations and issues while selecting a Mean Stack Developers in USA.

  • Lack of Communication between Developers and Clients
  • Misunderstanding of your Goals that waste your Time
  • Cultural Barrier Difference between client and developer
  • Trust and Reliability – Everyone is concerned about
  • Actual Cost vs Hidden costs – Ruins your budget plan
  • Data Security – Coding Loopholes from where hackers can Target
  • Substandard Project Management that bust your entire Project

If you are concerned about this issues while Hiring a Mean Stack Developers in USA, then this is the right place you have landed, just read further…

MEAN Stack – a technical overview

  • MEAN Stack is an effaceable conglomerate of JavaScript technologies and frameworks that aid in the development of highly efficient and reliable web apps. It has emerged to be one of the best open-source packages wings to its conjunction of the best four frameworks in the business name.
  • MongoDB – An NOSQL data structure that makes use of JSON for informative representations.
  • ExpressJS – This HTTP server framework provides modules and components for web development.
  • AngularJS – Data binding UI forms the primary utility basis of MVC architecture with modular code and front-end JS framework.
  • NodeJS – A cross-platform web development framework. Its utility is developing robust and credible web applications.

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