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According to the National Association of REALTORS 2019, the account of residential and commercial buyers and sellers is gradually increasing. 58% of buyers & seller found their desired property from the Internet whereas, 30% found their desired property from real estate agents. 

Earlier few real estate agents used to believe that the internet will not help them to get new potential customers. But nowadays, in the digital era, the majority of real estate agents believe to have an online presence for their visitors who can be converted into potential customers.

Now you might have got an idea!

Agents who have a real estate website design can increase their business visibility for their customers by providing valuable information & guidance to buyers and sellers throughout the buying and selling process.

In today’s world,

People are looking for their services online to save both time and energy. Among Buyers and Sellers, the internet has become important to buy or sell their property. According to the All India Real Estate Agents Association (AIREAA), 89% of buyers found photos and videos of the property available on the website very useful to make the decision. For silent visitors, real estate agent’s contact information, virtual tours of the property were most important.

What are the benefits of building and land website design?

Since the website has no office hours, customers can find your business from anywhere, anytime, seven days a week. Over 91% of Buyers are doing large-scale research online before making any final purchase. So, having an online presence has become more important to grow your real estate business. 

Aren’t you searching for new ways to improve the growth of your real estate business? Then you might be considering creating a real estate website for your company, Isn’t it?

Who are we?

DataIT Solutions is your one-stop-shop for creating your ultimate real estate website design company. We are known to be an expert in creating building and land website design, property building website design, etc. which helps real estate agents to establish their brand online with modern, unique, eye-catching, and user-friendly features. Website designs from DataIT Solutions are fully functional and compatible with all search engines and iOS platforms.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A new website for your business purely depends on how complex your design, requirements, and features. So let’s discuss and one of our executives will help you with it.

Answering a few questions regarding website complexity, design, features, etc. are the key factors behind preparing the cost of any website.

Yes off course. Why not? We have professional designers who can redesign your website as per your requirements.

We believe strongly in providing after-sales services. So no worries, if any problem occurs after the website is built and gone live. It will be taken care of by our development team.