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First and foremost questions arise is why do an event and ticketing company need a website?


Since everything is going digital around us, it shouldn’t be surprising if we say that modern technology is making an appearance in the world of event and ticketing industry as well. In an attempt to capture a growing and very money-making online marketplace, event organizers have also come up with a dedicated event and ticketing website.

These days, organizers are not just planning an event anymore but rather an unforgettable experience for their attendees. Organizers must have a perfect website design to attract more customers or attendees on your website for those who are looking to buy tickets for upcoming events in their area. 

A website is the virtual equivalent of the physical event in the real world through many organizers who refuse this online real estate. According to the study, 78% of people search on the internet for upcoming events. With the growing use of global internet user reaching to more than 7 billion, it is easy to say that even and ticketing website is indeed a potential marketing tool. The convenience and strength it offers to both organizers and attendees are extraordinary. Not having a website directly results in decreased credibility.

If an event and ticketing company doesn’t have a website, it has closed the door to a good number of potential attendees by not having an online presence. You must always be where your attendees are, hence open the door by having an online presence. 

Why choose DataIT Solutions?

DataIT Solutions creates top-notch websites through which our attendees can browse and book tickets online for upcoming events in their respective areas. We have highly skilled professionals who develop a website with the latest tools and advanced technologies.

We have a team of creative inventors to wireframe your event and ticketing website design, experienced developers to create your website which is showcased in the results we deliver to our clients. DataIT Solutions is one of the most leading web and app Development Company based in India with an office in the USA, we are keen to fulfill all of your website desires.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes of course your website will search engine friendly since we built our entire website keeping search engines in mind and the website design is compliant with search engine guidelines. 

Yes of course. We shall arrange Google analytics which will record where your user is coming from, which pages they browsed, through which search engines they used to reach to your website, which keywords are being typed into which search engines and many more interesting web tracking details which you would find important for the future marketing promotion.

The cost-estimate to design an event and ticketing website depends on the information we collect from our potential clients during the ‘discussion’ period. The cost changes from client to client as each website is exceptional and it depends on a few factors like functionality, features, size of the website, content, and complexity of the website.